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Friday, April 30, 2010

The Handkerchief - On the Camino de Santiago

Two hundred and forty kilometers into our walk of The Camino, Scott came across a mauve handkerchief on the trail. It was a wet day on a muddy track, but the handkerchief wasn’t soiled, so we assumed the two girls from Prague walking 50 meters ahead of us must have dropped it. Scott looped it around his backpack belt and we increased our pace to catch up to the girls.
“Did you drop this?” Scott asked. One of the girls laughed. “I didn’t realize I dropped it. But you must keep it now! You see, I found this scarf on the trail five days ago and, as you did just now, I picked it up and assumed the Italian guy hiking ahead of me had dropped it. He said it was not his, but that he found it on the trail two days ago and had unsuccessfully tried to find the rightful owner. Someone said they had seen it on a Brazilian man. I have been looking for a Brazilian man ever since. Anyway, you must keep the scarf now.”

So Scott is the fourth person on The Camino (that we know of) to come across the Brazilian-Italian-Czechoslovakian handkerchief . He has it looped around his trekking pole strap and will carry it to Santiago - if he doesn’t drop it on the trail first.

Scott and Tris
On the Camino to Santiago, Spain

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